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5 different applications using Solflex Solid Surface

Solflex Solid surface has been around in the market for many years now. It is the most trusted and high–quality solid surface countertop material and has been the top choice of the highest rated hospitality, construction, and commercial industries in the country. Sollflex Solid Surface is your one and only keyword to seamless perfection.

Here are the common uses and applications of Solflex:

  1. Kitchen countertop – Solflex Solid surface is a non-porous material making it suitable and safe to use for the kitchen. This countertop material can guarantee you protection and a long-lasting solid surface as its non-porous feature prevents water, moisture, stain, or dirt penetration which be the cause to weaken the substrate.

  1. Office Table – Long gone are the days where melamine board are the default office desks. With Solflex Solid Surface, a beautiful, durable and long lasting material is what every office right now needs. Apart from breaking free from the boring office desk, Solflex Solid Surface can withstand the daily busy schedule and activities you have even better than conventional desks.

  1. Vanity Top – Solflex Solid Surface material is used for the vanity top in most residential and commercial establishments. The material is capable of standing up water, soap and is easy to clean with the use of damp cloth.

  1. Table Top – Modern furniture table top made with Solflex Solid Surface will surely compliment your home interior.  It has has the beauty and elegance of a decorative surface that is sophisticated and timeless and are available in different color options to fit any desired countertop designs.

  1. Reception Counter – First Impressions last. Yes and with that, provide your future business partners with a reception desk that swoops them off their feet with Solflex Solid Surface. Solflex offers a remarkable level of versatility, beauty and functionality which is more than enough to meet your needs.

  1. Ledges – Let creativity become your master. Achieve a very neat finish when you use Solflex Solid Surface for your ledges. It is a cut above the rest, a contemporary finish that cannot be achieve with any other material. Now you have the freedom to design your ledges.

With whatever project that comes to light let Solflex Solid Surface be the top choice in mind.

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