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Introducing our Solflex Solid Surface Newest Colors

Looking for durable and elegant countertops? Solflex Solid Surface newest colors might just be what you need. The Starry Skies, Terrazo, and Glacier are the three colors added to our wide selection of countertops. Continue to read to find great suggestions on design and application with Solflex Solid Surface newest colors.

Glacier Solflex Solid Surface

You will love our Glacier Soflex Solid Surface. It comes in a boney white color with slightly earth tones of gray spots that will complement a clean white bathroom design. Solflex Solid Surface material has a coving feature; a unique backsplash design created for easy cleaning and to keep the wall behind the counter from water damage.

Terrazo Solflex Solid Surface

Try our Terrazo Solflex Solid Surface, gray-tone and customized countertop material with natural chips that make it have a beautiful finish. Made using high-quality and modified resin, Terrazo is more durable compared to other countertop materials. For stylish and unique design projects, Terrazo Solflex Solid Surface can customize it for you.

Starry Skies Solflex Solid Surface

How about the Starry Skies Solflex Solid Surface? This latest Solflex color can bring a dreamy touch into your modern condo unit. Its design is like a night sky full and lightened by stars. This color design can fit any color or shade of cabinets that will make a statement to your kitchen space. With Solflex Solid Surface you can never go wrong. It is non-porous which prevents water or moisture penetration through the surface that may soon weaken the substrate. This feature will guarantee you kitchen countertop protection to make it last longer.

Solflex Solid Surface is surely the countertop you need to achieve that look you want and complete your interior design goal.

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