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Safety First with Markee Absolute Quartz

In a hospital setting, we do not want to contribute to the spread of the possible infections coming from different people coming in and out the facility. Most common place where interaction of a medical staff and a patient happens in the hospital’s reception area. This is why surface hygiene is very important and choosing the right countertop material should always be considered for everyone’s safety.

Markee Absolute Quartz Engineered Stone is your wisest choice for a countertop material for the following beneficial reasons:

  1. Non-Porous – Markee Absolute Quartz is a hygienic countertop due to its non-porous property. The dirt and unwanted stains, molds and bacteria can hardly penetrate on your surface material which is a very important factor for hospital use.

  2. Chemical and bacteria resistant – Markee Absolute Quartz is a very healthy choice for high traffic areas such as hospital reception areas as it is safe in contact with bacteria and common cleaning chemicals.

  3. Easy to clean – This is one of the most desired characteristics of quartz. It is easy to clean with just the use of mild soap and water to wipe away most stains.

  4. Durable – Markee Absolute Quartz is composed of 93% engineered quartz, promises a strong durability and is capable to withstand soft and hard impacts. Having a material that is not easily damaged means reducing the risk of bacteria to penetrate the small seam or imperfections on the surface.

Markee Absolute Quartz is visually attractive, safe to use and can last for years. This is a one of a kind countertop that offers excellent durability, cost efficiency and safety suitable for hospitals or medical clinics and laboratories.

To know more information about our product please visit the LINK.


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