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How to take care of a Quartz Kitchen Countertop?

As the saying goes, one who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases. A very relevant belief in this current time we are facing. In our home, kitchen countertops are some of the dirtiest surfaces in our home, especially since this is where we do cook and food preparation. Different types of countertops require different methods of care. Now we will discover how to take care of your Quartz Kitchen countertop.

It is tempting to wipe down your quartz countertop with whatever multipurpose cleaner you’ve got at home, but it could be damaging to the surface. Markee Absolute Quartz Solid Surface is here to give you guidelines on how to take care of your kitchen countertop.

Countertop cleaning guidelines

  1. Regular cleaning should be done with mild soap and a soft cloth. Make sure the soap is non-bleach and non-abrasive, it may discolor the surface.

  1. Quartz countertops are stain-resistant but not stain proof. It can resist stains for a short period, but all colored and acidic liquids (such as cola, coffee) should be promptly cleaned.

  1. A surface cleaner can be used for heavy or dried stains with a non-abrasive sponge to protect the surface for damages.

  2. A plastic putty knife is safe to scrape away grease, gum, or paint. Use a degreasing cleanser that is formulated for Quartz countertops, to clean off grease. Rinse away immediately. 

  3. An oil-based cleanser or commercial grade alcohol is suitable to remove ink or permanent markers. Rinse with warm water immediately after the stain is removed.

Preventing Countertop Damage

  1. Quartz countertops are heat resistant but it can damage the surface with direct heat contact. Using rubber mats, pads or trivets for hot pans is highly recommended.

  2. Quartz countertops are very scratch-resistant, but they can be damaged when forcefully hit with sharp objects. A cutting board is always recommended.

  3. Clean immediately with a mild detergent and rinse, in case of spillage.

  4. Avoid cleaning Quartz countertop with bleach and other highly acidic cleansers.

  5. Quartz countertops are durable that it can withstand high impacts, but it can chip and can be cracked with a forced pressure.

Keep in mind all these simple guidelines on how to take care of your Quartz kitchen countertops, Markee Absolute Quartz may be resilient as we offer a 10-year limited warranty, they also need some tender loving care.  

You may have questions and inquiries, feel free to contact us at +63919 067 2512 or click HERE to know more about our products.

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